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Der Neusiedlersee im Burgenland

Burgenland Is So Close

It takes just 35 minutes to go from Hotel Himberg to Lake Neusiedl – the perfect distance for an unforgettable day trip. The Hotel Himberg near Vienna is very close to the Austrian state of Burgenland – on the “sunny side of Austria” – with its incredible wine, vineyards, friendly winery owners and Lake Neusiedl.

Here you can enjoy a bit of everything: water sports, cycling, wine tasting... a wonderfully unique combination of things to do near Vienna, don’t you think?

A trip to Burgenland is great in all four seasons!

Take full advantage of our hotel near Vienna’s convenient location! Lake Neusiedl is one of the most popular excursion destinations from Vienna all year round, and is also a popular destination for family holidays in Vienna. Once you get here, you’ll immediately understand why: it is a simply extraordinary landscape with a comfortable, mild climate.

The area’s wind conditions attract water sports fans to the lake. This is Austria’s top location for sailing, surfing and kite surfing. What a spectacle – watching the colourful kites fly through the sky from afar, and imagining all the fun happening on the water. If the mercury rises to the 30-degree mark, cool off at the lake or outdoor pools.

Europe’s largest steppe lake also has plenty for bird-watchers and nature lovers to enjoy. So, what are you waiting for? 

Ein Paar sitzt vor einem Leuchtturm am See

Wine & dining in Burgenland

Each autumn, once the grapes on the surrounding vineyards have ripened in the sun and the natural sugar content is right, it is time for the grape harvest. The winegrowers certainly have their hands full. Most of them also run “Heuriger” wine taverns, where you can taste fine wines – and enjoy something to eat.

By the way, there are public vinotheques in every village, making it easy to discover your new favourite winemaker. And if you look up at the gables of the roofs from time to time, don’t be surprised by who you might see: storks love Burgenland just as much as its visitors.

Explore the thermal region and Burgenland by bike. Soak up the beautiful views and incredible scenery. 
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HOLIDAYS NEAR BURGENLAND ARE SO WONDERFUL! Look forward to the comfy beds and rooms at Hotel Das Himberg.